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Safaree Is Riding His Toy Off-Road Ahead Of Christmas – Check Out His Video

Safaree shared a video on his social media account in which he’s having fun riding one of his toys. This time, he’s not riding it on the street, he’s doing it off-road. Check out his clip below.
I always rode street bikes but now that I have some land to play in im into the off-road! This was my 1st time doing sit-downs I’m hype as combos next 😎 #stuntgang,’ Safaree said.

A follower posted this message: ‘Please be safe, sir!!! We luv you too much to lose you 🤦🏽‍♀️,’ and a commenter said: ‘Well that is a lot of land💖have fun.’
Someone else said: ‘Them white folds gonna get rid of y’all keep it up with noise watch they gonna stay a stop the Samuels petition.’
Another follower said: ‘Put your helmet on!!! You have a little blessing to live for!’
A fan said: ‘@safaree as @nene.blox would say bloxs u heard lol I can hear him now u still learning lol love him miss him dearly❤️.’
Safaree has been flooding his social media account with this kind of videos lately, and he managed to worry his fans.
Lots of people told him that he should be wearing a helmet when he’s riding and that he should be more careful now that he has a whole family.
‘Yesterday I was trash today I spent 1 hour with @kingrommel, and it’s over for y’all quad ni%%as 😂😂😂 big shout to @powersports_exchange for my new quad .. I’m never leaving my yard 😂😂 ayo @__braap_ thanks for the recommendation 🔥🙏🏾 ayo @tyyoung11 thx for the sweater too 🔥🔥’ he captioned a recent video.
Safaree has been finding new ways to spend quarantine. He’s been loving to ride his bikes and more, and now he’s back with more IG videos for his fans.

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