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Porsha Williams’ Video Featuring Santa Claus Makes Fans’ Day

Porsha Williams shared a video featuring Santa Claus and managed to make her fans’ day with it. Check out her clip below and see some of her fans’ reactions.
Somoene said: ‘He don’t want no milk and cookies 😭 leave Santa a catfish plate with all that moving he doing,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘We already covered our chimney and hid our location. We good Santa, fly safe Sir.’
A follower posted this: ‘Nah Santa said he wants more than cookies and milk since he is delivering gifts during covid. Santa want that WAP.’

Someone else said: ‘Oh yeah, nope!!!!! We ain’t got no cookies and milk over here either 😂’ and one other follower said: ‘@porsha4real 🎅 Santa have covid cause he’s all over the place eating people’s cookies.’
A follower posted this: ‘He said he is coming for your WAP Porsha…lol…that’s the cookies he coming for,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘
More followers continued to make fun of the clip and to send all kinds of jokes for Porsha in the comments.
On a more serious note, Porsha also shared a video about voting in Georgia, and you can check it out below.
‘This brought me to tears! Georgia VOTE VOTE VOTE!! This is so beautiful! The visual of so many people from all walks of life and quarantined singing so beautifully is heart warming! It’s just like all of us so different, so amazing , so strong! United we stand divided we fall… we got this! Get out and vote in this super important Senate election !! #VoteYourOssoff #WarnickForSenate Georgia All eyes on us let’s get this DONE!!!! 🇺🇸 #Rhoa,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Wow there’re some oldies but goodies in there showing us they still got it! I think Georgia is going to show up strong 💙.’
A commenter posted this: ‘This has me checking me messages and clicking dismiss for the 10% batter notification.’
The other day, Porsha Williams remembered Breonna Taylor ahead of Christmas.

Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

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