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Jessica Alba got the ‘Rachel’ haircut before Jennifer Aniston

When it comes to ’90s haircuts, Jessica Alba was a cut above the rest.

In an interview with Women’s Health, the 39-year-old actress revealed that her “first real haircut” as a child was “The Rachel,” the iconic style later made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on “Friends,” Rachel Green.

“My first real haircut was when Chris McMillan cut my hair. I was 12, almost 13,” Alba revealed, referring to the same stylist who eventually cut Aniston’s hair for “Friends.”

After casting agents for a Milla Jovovich music video recommended that Alba change her hairstyle, McMillan gave her the soon-to-be-famous ‘do.

“Chris McMillan gave me the ‘Friends’ cut and I got home and … I had those, like, massive layers, and I was dying,” the Honest Company founder said. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is so amazing!’ I loved it so much.”

However, not everyone was excited about Alba’s new look.

“My dad was like, ‘You’re grounded. I didn’t tell you [that] you could cut your hair,’” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Mom was with me. Mom let me do it. This is for work.’”

The chop paid off, as Alba’s early modeling work saw a boost after “Friends” debuted.

“And then Chris McMillan became the biggest thing ever, and I was one of the first to get that ‘Friends’ cut,” Alba added. “And it got me a lot of catalog work.”

Over two decades later, the style still has celebrity fans. Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid have all debuted their own versions of the hairstyle in 2020.

Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, has since called it “the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen.”


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