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Iggy Azalea – Here’s How She’s Making Her Son’s First Christmas ‘Special!’

Iggy Azalea is super excited to spend her very first Christmas with her son, Onyx. But will her baby daddy and ex, Playboi Carti, also join them?
Unfortunately, the star had no choice but change some of her original plans for the holiday but even so, she is looking forward to it since she gets to spend it with her baby.
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That being said, she is reportedly determined to make it special for the bundle of joy, even though he is still too young to remember it later on.
One insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Iggy had originally planned to go away with Onyx for the holidays for a snow trip but it got canceled on short notice so she is going to be celebrating with him at home. Unfortunately, she did not end up decorating at home since she thought she would be away for Christmas. But she is making a last minute effort to get a Christmas tree, put up lights and get Onyx some cute Grinch PJs to wear.’ Aww….
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Speaking of decorations, the same source also told the site that the singer hasn’t really put a lot of effort in the past when it comes to that but this year is different!
She ‘really wants to make it special now that she has her son to share memories with. She is getting into the Christmas spirit more than she has in recent years as she wants to make it a sweet moment for Onyx. She knows he might not remember it but the photos that will be taken and memories that Iggy will have from it will last a lifetime. It’ll be a day she can bring up to him time and time again as he gets older. It is the best gift she could ask for this year and that is to spend it with her son.’
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Another insider also revealed whether or not Carti is spending Christmas with his son and ex, dishing that Iggy will not stop him if he wants to see his child.
However, it does not seem like they planned to be together over Christmas.

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