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Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari tested positive for COVID-19

Sam Asghari recently tested positive for COVID-19, but said he didn’t expose girlfriend Britney Spears.

In a new Instagram post, the fitness trainer said that as soon as he received the news, he began a solo quarantine.

“Recently I tested positive for Covid-19, I was lucky enough to catch the news before being around and infecting my loved ones (friends, family, significant other),” he wrote. “I quickly isolated myself and started my quarantine process alone.”

Asghari, who has been Spears, credited his healthy lifestyle for helping him overcome the virus.

Britney Spears and Sam AsghariGetty Images for GLAAD

“I only had 1 day of common cold symptoms day 2 after testing positive but 24 hours later I was perfectly normal,” Asghari explained. “I continued my workouts and clean nutrition at home as usual.”

Ten days later, Asghari explained, he was “no longer contagious, and tested negative twice and was cleared by doctors to end quarantine and return to my loved ones.”

“I spend a lot of time cleansing And thinking about how important our health is in General even outside of Covid, at the end of our lives one of the most important things will be health, I will continue to do my best and inspire you guys to also live a healthy lifestyle,” Asghari concluded.

Last month, Asghari jetted to Hawaii with Spears to celebrate the singer’s 39th birthday. On Wednesday, he also appeared in a clip posted to Spears’ Instagram page.

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